Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spayed :(

January 5, mom brought me to the vet's clinic to get spayed.

I was scared to death, I don't like sitting on that vet's cold table. I was also not fed after 9pm the night before my surgery. I was so hungry! Mom used to feed me midnight snacks ( spoiled kitty ) so this must be hard for her ( and for me too )

Mom left me at 8am at the vet. After that I remembered needles and being held by the vet's assistant. Then i fell asleep.

When I woke up I felt so sore and groggy. I couldn't even stand up. It was like the world was spinning and I felt so dizzy. Also my stomach kinda hurt a little. Yey! Is it time to go home?

This was me @ 5 pm/ January 5. I woke up only for a short while, then fell asleep again.I did not feel better until after 2 days, Mom was so worried. She was stressed out.

I only drank and ate on January 7. Mom was ecstatic when I finally ate and drank water. I felt much better then. Mom said I had to be "fixed" because she does not want me running outside and having babies , haha.

Mom gave me yucky tasting medicines and nursed me till I felt as good as new. She did not go out of the house during my recovery period. She cleaned my wound everyday with that dark red stuff. She won't even let me out! I wanted to play outside with Vodka but she won't let me, bummer. She let me sleep inside my cage with a lamp on ( it was nice and warm inside ) and she put the cage inside their bedroom.

And then she made me wear this weird looking collar! Dad said I looked cute in it, do I? I really had the urge to pull out those stitches from my abdomen so Dad said I had to wear it.

At first she made me wear that stiff plastic collar that came from the vet, I could not see while wearing that ! So she made me a paper collar that was more comfortable than the plastic one.

It was more comfortable, I could eat, drink ( with some assistance from Mom) and sleep with it on. Ihad to wear it until my stitches are removed.

January 10- we came back to the vet to remove the stitches. Yay! One more day then I had my collar removed. I loved it! I can go outside again and play! Meow

Can you spot me here?

This is me with Dad:

Time to sleep :)


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