Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spayed :(

January 5, mom brought me to the vet's clinic to get spayed.

I was scared to death, I don't like sitting on that vet's cold table. I was also not fed after 9pm the night before my surgery. I was so hungry! Mom used to feed me midnight snacks ( spoiled kitty ) so this must be hard for her ( and for me too )

Mom left me at 8am at the vet. After that I remembered needles and being held by the vet's assistant. Then i fell asleep.

When I woke up I felt so sore and groggy. I couldn't even stand up. It was like the world was spinning and I felt so dizzy. Also my stomach kinda hurt a little. Yey! Is it time to go home?

This was me @ 5 pm/ January 5. I woke up only for a short while, then fell asleep again.I did not feel better until after 2 days, Mom was so worried. She was stressed out.

I only drank and ate on January 7. Mom was ecstatic when I finally ate and drank water. I felt much better then. Mom said I had to be "fixed" because she does not want me running outside and having babies , haha.

Mom gave me yucky tasting medicines and nursed me till I felt as good as new. She did not go out of the house during my recovery period. She cleaned my wound everyday with that dark red stuff. She won't even let me out! I wanted to play outside with Vodka but she won't let me, bummer. She let me sleep inside my cage with a lamp on ( it was nice and warm inside ) and she put the cage inside their bedroom.

And then she made me wear this weird looking collar! Dad said I looked cute in it, do I? I really had the urge to pull out those stitches from my abdomen so Dad said I had to wear it.

At first she made me wear that stiff plastic collar that came from the vet, I could not see while wearing that ! So she made me a paper collar that was more comfortable than the plastic one.

It was more comfortable, I could eat, drink ( with some assistance from Mom) and sleep with it on. Ihad to wear it until my stitches are removed.

January 10- we came back to the vet to remove the stitches. Yay! One more day then I had my collar removed. I loved it! I can go outside again and play! Meow

Can you spot me here?

This is me with Dad:

Time to sleep :)


My First New Year

It was December 31, all i hear were firecrackers and loud noises outside. I am not scared of it, I just don't like the loud noise. It hurts my little ears :(

Mom borrowed these photos from my Uncle Ayong's Face book account. I like fireworks though, they are really pretty.

I just snuggled beside my mommy to feel good and warm

And oh, my sister Crayon went missing, she went outside on the afternoon of December 31st. My mom and dad was went crazy looking for her. Mom was kinda sad during New Year's eve because she thought Crayon would never come back anymore. She returned home on the night of Jan 1st. She looked so scared and hungry, and she was not well groomed.

Mom said Crayon is so scared of the loud noises during the new year.

So glad she is back.

Here is she relaxing inside that old box, oh and this photo also is an entry for Love Meow's cat of the month. Yay!

More later guys!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Housemates

Let me start with my sister. The first time I met my sister Crayon, she was really hostile and unfriendly. She would hiss at me a lot. She would not let me near her. I do not know what is wrong with her, I just wanted to play =( Before, she would not let me near her. She would do the hissing and snarling and scratching. But lately I noticed that whenever I try to play with her she just sniffs me and walks away. That's a good sign, I heard my Dad say.

Mom and Dad really love her , they are always hugging her and petting her. Sometimes Crayon would give them a nip, and once I saw Mom cry because she scratched her legs! What a mean cat.

But I sometimes envy her white coat. And she is driving me nuts with her grooming. She grooms all day! She might be O.C., i think.

Here she is in one of her grooming frenzy:

Here she looks sooooo unfriendly:

Mom told me that before she got me, Crayon used to sleep on their bed. But now that she has me, she sleeps on the couch downstairs, and I get to sleep between Mom and Dad =)

This is Crayon with Mom.

And this is me with Mom. (blurry picture because Dad took this and I think he does not know how to use Mom's camera phone ) This is my favorite sleeping position.

Okay , I am getting off topic. Enough with sleeping. Now meet Vodka, well he is not actually my housemate because he is not my Mom's pet. He is owned by my Aunts next door , but he is always at the back of the house to visit me. I really like playing with him, but sometimes he can get a bit LOUD. I think he needs to get fixed. Mom is always teasing me that Vodka is my boyfriend (**blush**)

Another one:

And this is Kulas, the guard dog that looks like a giant dog to me: I really get nervous when he is around!
He is friendly though. He stays outside the house. He is owned by one of Dad's helpers. But sometimes Mom plays with her.

Okay, who did I miss? I still have one left , but I cannot find her photo. She looks just like me! Only bigger, and fatter :p Her name is Thigh. She is owned by my Aunts next door. Will find her photo soon :)

Gotta take a nap now!



Potty Training

When I was still outside, i can do my business anywhere as long as there is soil and grass.

But when I became part of Mom's family, everything went different. I once did my business on the wooden floor and Mom scolded me =(

Then she brought me this pink basin. Filled it with shredded paper and placed it on the corner where it is dark and quiet. See how I fit inside?

I didn't know what it was for. Until, one time, I was about to do business on the floor (again, sorry Mom), when Mom hurriedly picked me up and placed me on that pink basin. So , there I went!
Now i know what it was for, I heard Dad say it is my Litter Basin.

Now I use it religiously. I am not doing it on the floor again!

Yay for me!



Catching my Zzzzzs

Did I ever mention that i love sleeping? Ever since I was adopted, I sleep mostly on the day, at around 11 am to 3 pm. After which i start to bug Mom and Dad, then run around the house, run after Crayon ( which does nothing but stare at me so bad and hiss at me!)

^^This is me with my Dad. He snores so loud, in return i purr like a motor. Haha.

^^And this is me with my Mom. I love to cuddle with her. It feels warm and safe.

I remember when i was still a stray. I slept but not like this, it was always cold outside, i slept on the concrete floor inside the bodega or on the grass. I didn't like sleeping on the grass. Sometimes it gets cold out there, especially at night. And there are lots of bugs.

Mom said i look cute while sleeping. Oh, oh, and i also love sleeping on my Mom's laptop because it is really warm ! She sometimes scolds me when I do that.

Meow! I think I'll take a nap first. Catch you later :)


The Day I Found Love

Meow. My name is Vivi, I am a 6 month old kitten. My Mom found me last August 11 on the farm's bodega. When I saw her and she picked me up, and I instantly knew that she is the human for me , so I stared at her with my uber cutie eyes until she gave in and took me home.

This was me, 5 months ago : don't laugh! I was temporarily put inside a bird cage because there is an older cat in the house.

The older cat is my sister Crayon. I am not sure how old she is, she may be 5 or 6 years old. She is a bit grumpy =( I think she does not like me.

Before momma got me, i didn't remember much. I just knew I was always cold and hungry. I also slept inside the bodega, with lots of canned goods and unused tiles and cobwebs inside. It was a hard life for me back then. I know I will never go back to that kind of life. I am glad I found my Mom.

She must knew that I was so hungry. She crushed some cat food and fed me ASAP when we went inside the house. For the first time, i tasted fresh water and real cat food. It tasted nice. Not like the stale water I used to drink outside.
And for the first time, I felt full.

I will not forget the date, that was August 11, 2009. I heard Mom say that I was around a month old when she found me. So she assumed that my birth date is July 11, 2009.

This was my first time to sleep on a couch: See how tiny I was? The clean sheets felt good , i fell asleep almost instantly. Mom likes to take lots of pictures of me and i love it! Mom even sponge bathed me and gave me lots of love. It felt so good.

Woke up and mom started taking photos again. =) I love you Mom!

More photos soon!