Saturday, January 23, 2010

My First New Year

It was December 31, all i hear were firecrackers and loud noises outside. I am not scared of it, I just don't like the loud noise. It hurts my little ears :(

Mom borrowed these photos from my Uncle Ayong's Face book account. I like fireworks though, they are really pretty.

I just snuggled beside my mommy to feel good and warm

And oh, my sister Crayon went missing, she went outside on the afternoon of December 31st. My mom and dad was went crazy looking for her. Mom was kinda sad during New Year's eve because she thought Crayon would never come back anymore. She returned home on the night of Jan 1st. She looked so scared and hungry, and she was not well groomed.

Mom said Crayon is so scared of the loud noises during the new year.

So glad she is back.

Here is she relaxing inside that old box, oh and this photo also is an entry for Love Meow's cat of the month. Yay!

More later guys!


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