Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Potty Training

When I was still outside, i can do my business anywhere as long as there is soil and grass.

But when I became part of Mom's family, everything went different. I once did my business on the wooden floor and Mom scolded me =(

Then she brought me this pink basin. Filled it with shredded paper and placed it on the corner where it is dark and quiet. See how I fit inside?

I didn't know what it was for. Until, one time, I was about to do business on the floor (again, sorry Mom), when Mom hurriedly picked me up and placed me on that pink basin. So , there I went!
Now i know what it was for, I heard Dad say it is my Litter Basin.

Now I use it religiously. I am not doing it on the floor again!

Yay for me!



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