Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Housemates

Let me start with my sister. The first time I met my sister Crayon, she was really hostile and unfriendly. She would hiss at me a lot. She would not let me near her. I do not know what is wrong with her, I just wanted to play =( Before, she would not let me near her. She would do the hissing and snarling and scratching. But lately I noticed that whenever I try to play with her she just sniffs me and walks away. That's a good sign, I heard my Dad say.

Mom and Dad really love her , they are always hugging her and petting her. Sometimes Crayon would give them a nip, and once I saw Mom cry because she scratched her legs! What a mean cat.

But I sometimes envy her white coat. And she is driving me nuts with her grooming. She grooms all day! She might be O.C., i think.

Here she is in one of her grooming frenzy:

Here she looks sooooo unfriendly:

Mom told me that before she got me, Crayon used to sleep on their bed. But now that she has me, she sleeps on the couch downstairs, and I get to sleep between Mom and Dad =)

This is Crayon with Mom.

And this is me with Mom. (blurry picture because Dad took this and I think he does not know how to use Mom's camera phone ) This is my favorite sleeping position.

Okay , I am getting off topic. Enough with sleeping. Now meet Vodka, well he is not actually my housemate because he is not my Mom's pet. He is owned by my Aunts next door , but he is always at the back of the house to visit me. I really like playing with him, but sometimes he can get a bit LOUD. I think he needs to get fixed. Mom is always teasing me that Vodka is my boyfriend (**blush**)

Another one:

And this is Kulas, the guard dog that looks like a giant dog to me: I really get nervous when he is around!
He is friendly though. He stays outside the house. He is owned by one of Dad's helpers. But sometimes Mom plays with her.

Okay, who did I miss? I still have one left , but I cannot find her photo. She looks just like me! Only bigger, and fatter :p Her name is Thigh. She is owned by my Aunts next door. Will find her photo soon :)

Gotta take a nap now!



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