Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Day I Found Love

Meow. My name is Vivi, I am a 6 month old kitten. My Mom found me last August 11 on the farm's bodega. When I saw her and she picked me up, and I instantly knew that she is the human for me , so I stared at her with my uber cutie eyes until she gave in and took me home.

This was me, 5 months ago : don't laugh! I was temporarily put inside a bird cage because there is an older cat in the house.

The older cat is my sister Crayon. I am not sure how old she is, she may be 5 or 6 years old. She is a bit grumpy =( I think she does not like me.

Before momma got me, i didn't remember much. I just knew I was always cold and hungry. I also slept inside the bodega, with lots of canned goods and unused tiles and cobwebs inside. It was a hard life for me back then. I know I will never go back to that kind of life. I am glad I found my Mom.

She must knew that I was so hungry. She crushed some cat food and fed me ASAP when we went inside the house. For the first time, i tasted fresh water and real cat food. It tasted nice. Not like the stale water I used to drink outside.
And for the first time, I felt full.

I will not forget the date, that was August 11, 2009. I heard Mom say that I was around a month old when she found me. So she assumed that my birth date is July 11, 2009.

This was my first time to sleep on a couch: See how tiny I was? The clean sheets felt good , i fell asleep almost instantly. Mom likes to take lots of pictures of me and i love it! Mom even sponge bathed me and gave me lots of love. It felt so good.

Woke up and mom started taking photos again. =) I love you Mom!

More photos soon!